Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week 2 - 365

Well this is turning into the bits and bob's of my life. A little of this or that, what ever symbolizes what has happened in my day. Taking this opportunity to play with photoshop, as well as my macro enjoy the journey into trying to make photography into art.

Day 4 - Geocaching

Day 5 - Girls Best Friend

Day 6 - Berries - macro lens

Day 7 - Yummy Fresca

Day 8 - Close Up - Creepy but neat you can see the camera, but you can also see the chair and stuff behind the camera...interesting a reflection in my glasses.


Connie Nichol said...

hey, great pictures! What kind of macro lens do you have, and what f-stop did you use for the berries? Love it!

Jen said...

I LOVE that photo of your eye!! SO cool!