Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Been about you?

1. Four shows that you watch:


-Ace of Cakes

-Learning channel...most anything

-Molly and Mike

2. Four things you are passionate about:





3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:

- crap
-What the?

- you have to be kidding

- i love you

4. Four things you've learned from the past:

-live in the present

-plan for the future

-don't hold grudges

-say what you feel

5. Four places you would like to go:




-Red Sea

6. Four things you did yesterday:




-tried to sleep

7. Four things you are looking forward to:

-kitchen reno done

-cooking again


8. Four things you love about winter:

-that summer is the next season...

- nuf said...

9. Four people I tag to play along (no pressure though and sorry if you've been tagged already!):




- Kelly P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Been away for a while

Well we have been away in Cayman Islands for the last little while, so no chatting on my normal haunts lately...but it has not been without some scrappy news.  While I was away I had a few emails...

First this was featured on Spotted Canary website.....

Secondly, got an email for a layout to be in Summer Canadian Scrapbooker...I love the layout that they chose, hope you like it too when it comes out.

Thirdly, I play along at a website, NVS, and my layout was chosen on of the favourites this month by the Nerdy fun is that!! Check it  Come play along each month with the challenge. 

So lots to share, but stay tuned, I think I may post some pictures from our vacation we had fun and there is lots to share. 

Bye for now.