Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Scrapfest is over for another year

Loved this weekend, another Scrapfest to share with my friends and spend the weekend playing with paper and eating with friends ..  Once again I had the opportunity to decorate the Pointer Scrapbooking booth with my creations....I love that Heidi lets me play with what ever I are a few of my layouts that were posted at the show, I will post more later....once again thanks to everyone who I got to see and say hello to at Scrapfesst, I wish there were more events that we can meet at.  Sorry all the pics were taken at the show so the are surrounded by brown table so ignore that!  Till next time....!





Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SKW team

Hey everyone.  Jennifer here and back in full swing!  See the news above, I am back on the team for another round with a whole lot of other great artists!  Thanks Susan for another swing at it!  I hope that there are still people around I know it has been a while!  Please take the time to visit to see all the projects that the team comes up with and for some inspiration!