Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing Along at NVS Again...

I have been playing along at NVS again.  Each month they have a challenge to scrap along with using their inspirational collage. This month it was this great mix of images.  You take what you want from it and incorporate it into your layout. 

Here is mine.  The colours got me and decided to use my niece as the photo.  A few other items were the flowers, the & and the butterflies.  This is a 6 x 12 layout, I like this size when I have tiny pictures.  Hope you enjoy.   Wish me luck, I am hoping they pick me to be a guest designer at the site!  Next month come and see what is posted and play along with everyone.  There is a prize as well each month to the lucky one that is chosen.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sing it KD..

For some reason I am drawn  to this song tonight, so iconic as well as ironic at the same time.  There are many people who have sung it but by are my fav is KD to listen to some more and do a little scrappy cleaning.  Click over to my sidebar music and click on hallelujah..J

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Favour please!!

I notice a large amount of hits on my blog, just wondering where you are all coming from?  Thanks for visiting but would like to ask a favour, can you leave me a comment below and how you found my blog...really interested to see where people are travelling from to get here!  Appreciate it if you could take a moment. J

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For Heidi, if you looking...these are for you!

Just a couple of layouts, I am getting ready to go to Scrapfest, and each time Heidi kindly lets me decorate the booth for fun!  This time no exception, I am on the move and scrappin' fast as there is not a lot of time before the event.  Hope you enjoy....bye for now off to scrap. If you get a chance to come by Pointers booth to say hi I would love to see you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Scrappy Day!

Not a lot of time today to do anything Scrappy today..but just wanted to share a bit of scrappy news...

Check out Scraptime today.  It is a video that was made at CHA for all the Canadian Retailers they had an event for.  When you get to section 4:54 you will see my creations on the table and Kelly mentions my name!  How cool is that..thanks Kelly again for letting me play with your stuff!

Also, I have been spending time at a new blog, My Creative Scrapbook, and loving all the inspiration there. Today I visited and found this,, chosen as much fun is that.  Thanks for making my day MCS! 

Other than that trying to scrapbook some stuff for upcoming Scrapfest!! If I don't the Pointer booth is going to look a little naked!  I have two done and several more to go in the next few weeks!  So bye for now, hope everyone is keeping well!