Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Scrappy Day!

Not a lot of time today to do anything Scrappy today..but just wanted to share a bit of scrappy news...

Check out Scraptime today.  It is a video that was made at CHA for all the Canadian Retailers they had an event for.  When you get to section 4:54 you will see my creations on the table and Kelly mentions my name!  How cool is that..thanks Kelly again for letting me play with your stuff!

Also, I have been spending time at a new blog, My Creative Scrapbook, and loving all the inspiration there. Today I visited and found this,, chosen as much fun is that.  Thanks for making my day MCS! 

Other than that trying to scrapbook some stuff for upcoming Scrapfest!! If I don't the Pointer booth is going to look a little naked!  I have two done and several more to go in the next few weeks!  So bye for now, hope everyone is keeping well!

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