Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow life is flying.....

It has been a while since I posted last, life has been flying by is a snapshot of life since my last post..

  • Work, Work, Work
  • Making Xmas presents, I knitted scarves for a lot of people and did a mixed media piece for my niece
  • Cleaned the house more than once!
  • Went to Vegas for a week..that was fun.
  • Organized the basement and one closet.
  • Baked for xmas
  • Had a great family over for a visit, lov u Kat!
  • Fell down the stairs and busted up my tailbone....youch!
  • Had my family here for about a week for Xmas.
  • Cooked and cooked...and ate and ate
  • Made a few layouts for The Scrapping Nook.
  • Prepared an online mixed media class....starting soon. 
I am sure there was a lot more, but those are the high lights of November and December.  Here are the layouts that I did for the Nook.......using Teresa Collins paper I started documenting Vegas!