Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Catching up on a few things.

I recieved this from Denise the other day! Thanks girlie I appreciate it!

I am going to pass it along to the following five fabulous bloggers!

Tara - always a good trip to see some cards

Cindy - really love her style!

Sandra - this womans makes some seriously tummy (ok this was a typo it should say yummy cupcakes, I am going to leave it as it was a funny mistake and more accurately describes them) cupcakes!

Carol - I love this ladies stuff, we definitely share a love for pop dots!
Ally - so much stuff and info here


ALLY said...

Thanks Jennifer!!!

Cin Cin said...

God LUV ya!!! Thanks a bunch!
LOVE your blog banner, BTW!!

Sandra said...

Thank you Jennifer...Seriously 'tummy' cupcakes...LOL

TaraG said...

Thanks Jennifer for the award! So kind of you to think of me,smile!!!