Friday, October 24, 2008

I can't believe it has been....

Almost 10 days since I posted last. I apologize to you all who keep coming and don't find something new. Life is a wee bit stressful right now and a lot of things are keeping me from posting and creating. Tomorrow I will post a few items when I get some good light to take some pics.

Last weekend I went to the Creative show twice and hung out with my favourite people at Scrapbook and Cards Today booth. Kerry, Catherine, Michelle, Tina and all those that stopped by to say hello it was great to see you. I was off to the Henry's camera show on Saturday and went to a few seminars.....and bought the lens that I have been dying to get...a 100 mm, 2.4 macro lens...yippie...this weekend I will be playing! I also went with Tina to the Style at Home show which was good as well, didn't buy much, which is probably a good thing.

For now I will leave you with this....I entered myself into a 5 week contest at Justcre8, and this was my first submission for week 1. Challenge was to use an advertising slogan in the the LO. Of course this is what I did! There were SOOOOOOO many great LO's entered this week, it was a fun time and I loved what everyone did. Can't wait for the next challenge to be posted. GO over to the site and check all the wonderful LO's in the gallery.


Jam♥ said...

I stumbled across this pretty-scrap after going crazy on the 'next blog' button. I love the creativity and such of the pages you've put together~

Nice to know you've been out and enjoying seeing friends and whatnot.

I can wait to see more of it~

moralia said...

This LO totally rocks!!! Love the "coke bottle" shape on your LO!! Awesome!!!

I have a 105mm Macro lens for my Nikon and you're going to LOVE it... takes amazing portraits... I should play with mine again.. lol!

I'd love to meet Kerry & Catherine one day!! Lucky girl! And you! lol!!! :) Sounds like you had a fabulous day!!