Sunday, May 4, 2008


I am back! and had a grate time with everyone at DC. Here's looking forward to next year! (wink Patti and Elia that's for you!). I had a lot of fun with Holly, Lori, Angela, Tina, Kimmie, Patti, Elia, Jen, Vicki, Janice, Deanna etc...All of you were great to hand out with! Thanks for a great weekend. I got almost 5 LO's done, sounds like not alot, but it was for me...I will post later this week. Hope everyone had a great time this weekend. Now off to unload the car which is pack to the roof with SB supplies...not sure why I needed all that!! Janice, Lori, Holly...I haven't downloaded my pics yet...I will soon and post for the world to see your FAB 70's costumes!

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Lori said...

Dont you DARE!!!! Send them off to me when you get a sec I don't have any!! I had a great time as well - getting to know you better and chatting away! Next year we will drag Kat with us! Im off to add you to my blog list! Talk soon!