Sunday, May 11, 2008

So where have I been....

Work last week was a nightmare....I am not gonna talk about it...I am just moving onto a new week tomorrow and hope for the best. Unfortunately it got in the way of finishing my NSD LO's so nothing new to post, hopefully this week. We went to the sail boat for the weekend. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the 30 YAERS of grunge away, it is almost presentable....unless you look in the bildge....YIKES I left those for the next trip. We took her out for a spin....or should I say a very rough ride today. Very, very, very windy and choppy, almost too much for us as novices... but I love to keel and make her go fast...but parts of the trip were quite scary, I think at one point I almost had it over at 35 degrees, toe rail or more in the water, FUN.... it boosts the old adrenyln. My face is windburt, lips are parched, bruises all over and I got a handful of festering slivers to show for this weekend. I must say this ain't no girly sport nor one for faint of heart. I always thought that sailing was a leisure sport...NOT. I guess it can be if you want to leave it on the dock or just putt around in the for now...I am going to leave you with of my favourite life it seems even more appropriate.

"You can't change the direction of the WIND, but you can always adjust your SAILS."

I have this one as a above my door into the dinning room so I can see it everyday.

chow J

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Janice V said...

I like that quote, Jennifer!

Glad that we got to spend some time together at DC. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon!