Sunday, May 15, 2016

A little mixed media yesterday...using Creative Embellishment creations...

If I had to list my top fav scrapbooking companies, Creative Embellishments is definitely in my top 5.  I love all their creations that they laser cut.  I like to use them as is or decorate them up with inks, paints or should check them out here.  I layered the CE chipboard over a tin that had a heart already on it.  Then added everything else, including a little CE love piece.  

I also wanted to point out another new product I have been working with, Beacon Makers Mix.  A light concrete mix that dries in about 30-40 minutes.  The flowers are made from the mix, left plain and attached with Beacon's Mixed Media Glue...nice and tacky and holds really quickly to all types of items.

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Leanne said...

Such a cool piece, Jen. Love your sequin swirls on the skull ... your take on an artsy sugar skull?