Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Contest ALERT!

As you may know Susan K Weckessar hosts every year an event called Christmas Love Campaign.  Here is a snippet about what it is all about... read all the way down.....

We have organized our forth annual Christmas Love Campaign. The last three years have been amazing & you are invited to come help spread some LOVE? Please come join the fun and help us to spread some LOVE!!!

Grab A Christmas Love Compagn Blink for your Blog, website,facebook, or anywhere else!

Let the FUN Begin!!!!!!!

No one knows when a random giveaway will occur so make sure that you are always posting your pictures & stories on the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook wall.....you just might win a FANTASTIC PRIZE!!!!!!!


Good Question!

Contests are announced randomly on the the Susan K. Weckesser Inc. blog {my sweet earth} , Susan K. Weckesser Inc. Facebook Wall & of course the Christmas Love Campaign Facebook wall at RANDOM times! SO, you have to stay on your toes because you never know when a contest will be called! PLUS.... If Susan sees someone doing cool acts of Christmas Kindness, well, you never know, that person might get a surprise!

Notice that part about pop up contests, well this is one of them!  I am hosting one of the pop up contests on my blog.  All you have to do is make a tag with any products that you have that celebrates the holidays and love! 
Instructions on HOW to Enter:

TAKE a picture of what you have created.

Upload your picture.

SHARE your Christmas Love Story.
GO over to Westcotts Facebook page and say HI.
AND post on the comment section of this blog as well telling me you did it. 
A winner will be drawn and a great prize will be sent to you from all the great supporters of the Christmas Love Campaign

Then post on my comments what you have done, please play along I would love to see what you do with this.  hope everyone has a great holiday season!


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