Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am already in LOVE..with JetPens

I am waiting on a package from this company..JetPens

I have been browsing this website and have picked out a few things to use and incorporate into my scrapbooking and cards.  Head over to the site and check out the ENORMOUS amount of pens, markers (yes COPICS too), stationary and scrappy supplies from Japan..Love everything and totally intrigued with the pens and inks they have.  There are some brilliant artists here too, make sure you check out the picture section of the website...

Best of all shipping is $5 to the US, fee shipping over $25.  To Canada it is $5 for up to a half pound and that is A LOT of pens! 

Keep an eye on my blog as I use the products I will be featuring them here as well....!! 

Bye for now, hopefully in the next week I will have so happy mail!!

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