Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RAK up for grabs again!!

Well unfortunately Sasha did not contact me to collect her winnings, so I am putting the RAK up for grabs again! 

If you want to win the surprise RAK just post here and tell me how your summer is going, what you working on scrappy wise or how have you been spending your time? Post a response by midnight EST on July 5th to have a chance to win the prize!

I have been busy with house hold work outside, sailing, scrapping, swimming and just plain trying to have some fun!

I hope everyone is keeping well...J


Jillian said...

Congrats on your secret BIG's hard to keep Big Toots a secret! lol
WE've been to the cottage and back, DH's car has died, so he's stolen my noisy van from me, and we're still working on getting our foundation repaired after our my scrap space is all packed up. Some of it offsite and some randomly spewed here and there in our home. The kids are out of school, and today we get a puppy to sit for 12 days, and decided if she fits in our family. I'm sooo excited, I can use this happy distraction from the rest of my life. lol

Holly A said...

Hi Jen, It's the first day of the kids' summer vacation and they are here at work with me, so it's going to be a long couple of weeks! I could definitely use a treat!

Also, a friend of mine has a really exciting toot, and I'm aching to know what it is, but she won't tell me! So I think I deserve a RAK for being so patient! *smirk*

How much longer are you going to make us wait? How about a hint?????

Seriously though, our pool is now open and is totally awesome. Hope your summer is starting out well too. Cheers!


Lesley Langdon said...

Hey Jennifer! What is that news of yours!!! I am dying to know!

I have been scrapping lately, and babysitting (ya know - my own kids). ;)

I am planning to get away to a rented cottage in July and then more playing with kids and water.

Have a wonderful summer!

Gramma Dee said...

Thanks for inviting us over here. Always up for RAK...

Summertime always has me out in the veggie garden, weeding, weeding, weeding this time of year. Ate our first radishes last night. Waiting anxiously for the other goodness.

Chelle said...

Let's Actually we are going to the cottage this weekend. We are planning lots of trips to my aunts for swimming and hopefully going to see my stepdad in Georgia (with a down trip to Disney) in August.

Sue P. said...

Can't wait to hear what your TOOT is!!! :) It's the second day of summer vacation and the sun is finally out!!! If it warms up we're headed to the lake for a few hours after running a couple of errands. We spend a lot of time at the lake or ocean in the summer...LOVE it!!! Especially now that the kids are old enough I can sit in my chair and read if I want to!!! I am GDT member for The Scrappin Nook for the next 3 months and am estatic about it!!! I have nothing in particular I'm working on right now, just finished teacher gifts though. :)

Sue Sykes said...

Can't wait until you can spill the beans on your news!! ;)

My summer will consist of finishing the renovations to my new office/studio (or at least overseeing my hubby! :)) And lots of purging to go on this summer!! Just like the commercials... EVERYTHING MUST GO!! LOL!

Hoping to spend alot of time in the pool, too - plus we have some plans in the works for a family vacation!

Before we know it, the summer will be over!

Me said...

hey girlie took a bit but found your blog again
here summer has started with a new bike for Taylor and lots of time already spent watching her ride it
who knows what the days to come will bring
one day at a time, with lots of pics taken and time found to scrap them I'm hoping

Karen MERC said...

Hey Jennifer....ok...spill the beans...what is the big surprise???
Not doing too much this summer...will be travelling to Ottawa to a track meet in August but that is my only travel plans....I guess since I just got back from Italy in May I shouldn't expect to travel too far.

Everyday Moments said...

I can't wait to hear what the big news is! Congrats!

We've been busy finishing our bathroom which should be done this week so I haven't had much time to scrap. Hopefully, I'll have more time soon.

Glad to hear you are having a great summer and taking some time for yourself.

Take care.

wustaz said...

oh my goodness..... your secret sounds exciting! well, my summer is progressing as expected.... work work and more work. the new puppy is keeping me busy. forgot how much work puppies are LOL

wustaz said...
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Melanie said...

I dont do much in the summer...but I did just get back from an Alaska cruise (although it was for work lol). I will be scrapbooking and hanging out with my niece a lot this summer.