Saturday, November 29, 2008

I was tagged a few days back by Carla and have not had a chance to say thanks! and to participate in her challenge. So here it goes, I would like to tag the following people!

7 random/weird things about me...

1. I don't like to get out of bed on the left side, it feels weird, so I always try to exit on the right side.

2. My favourite sandwich is grilled cheese, YUM.

3. I have never been up the CN tower in Toronto.

4. My favourite colour is orange.

5. I rarely watch a movie as I can not sit still and concentrate that long. If I do, I like to watch "bubble gum" movies.

6. I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old and never think I will have laser surgery as they are part of my personality.

7. My hair is not dyed, streaked and is "o" natural in colour!

Now onto letting other people play the are the lucky people I have tagged.

Kat - just because she needs to update her blog!

Tara - love all her cards they are so cute.

Connie - Cause I missing being able to see her in person I like to visit her blog to see what she is up to.

Jacqueline - I wish she would start back up the carnival.

Holly - cause she is super dupper fantastic!

Lori - she's my scrapbooking hero!

Lulu - I like her style and her kids are so cute!

Anyways hope everyone is having a good weekend..J


Jacqueline said...

It is so nice to know that somebody is missing the carnival! You just made my day.

Connie Nichol said...

Miss you too! I've got a trip to Guelph coming up in August, but doubt I will head east before then!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

So much fun reading about you!!! That pretty hair is your natural colour??!!!! SOOOO envious here!!......I've only been up the CN Tower once in my life and live near Toronto all my life :D

Have an awesome weekend my friend!

~Gabi xx