Friday, September 19, 2008

OK Blog Readers !!! I have been MIA ....

Sorry for those that keep coming back and finding nothing new...I have been a bit MIA, work has been keeping me real busy, I was off to Quebec City for a conference last weekend, great meetings, great city. So, all I have for you this week is a new photo site....if I ever can get the darn thing linked to my blog. It will be labeled "just pics". A few people I met in Quebec, prompted me thinking I don't get to share a lot in my scrapbook pages, but I take a lot of pictures... thus a new spot to keep all those pics to share with everyone. So go check it out...

On the music front check this out, I am in love with this song and have added it to my blog... He is Norwegian and won a recent talent contest album is coming out soon.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get back into the studio, the mojo is itch'n to get out. For now me and my camera are off on an adventure.


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