Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet my new babies!

It is official, we were waiting for all the test results to come back this week before we told anyone about our babies! Well they are not quite babies, but fur babies! Both girls, one a year old and the other 9 months. Not sure what I have got myself into with these two munchkins! They are the most adorable cats. The little one, loves her belly rubbed, the big one loves to lick you to death! Right now we have not named them we were waiting for the a ok from the doctor that they were free from disease that could be passed to our other cat, Snickers. Right now Snickers is not impressed but a few days with them and I am sure they will be friends in no time. If anyone has any suggestions for names, please feel free to leave a comment. More pics to come this weekend when I get a chance to take some better pictures.


Angela said...


Connie Nichol said...

aw Jennifer, they are just adorable. Congratulations on your new additions to the family!!!

Tina Werner said...

jennifer! they are beautiful!!!
i have a few names:
mojo or pita

scrapaddict aka jen t. said...

aaaaawwww! how cute!congrats on the new family members!

Tina Werner said...

how about LuLu or Tilly?

Katrina said...

They're adorable Jen!

How about mojito and sangria? No? WHat?