Sunday, March 23, 2008

5 Random Things about Me

Well my friend Angela challanged me to post 5 Random Facts about me. So here it goes.....

1. I only can eat Danone Creamy Vanilla Yogurt....all other types make me want to throw up! Not sure why but others are too grainy and taste yucky!
2. I have one leg about 1/2 inch shorter than the other. Make hemming pants a little complicated.
3. I have a hard time mixing pattern paper that has white in it with pattern paper that have off white in them....Just makes me cringe..the whites gotta match! (this ones for you Tina)
4. I can not park parallel to save my life. Can't do it and don't understand how to do it. So I am the one circling the block to find a spot I can pull forward into. Or the person jumping out of my car and switching spots with DH to do it for me.
5. I can't spell worth a hoot...thank goodness for spell check (This ones for MOM). Unfortunately for some reason I can't get spell check to work on blogger.....

Thanks for the challange about Tina you go next...or Kat.....anyone else?


Angela said...

hey Jennifer...i can help you with see #2 on my list.
thanks for playing along. =D

Jennifer said...

Hahaha that is so funny Angela...I didn't make the connection!! So here is a deal you teach me how to park and you can use my scrapbook room till yours is finished

tina werner said...

just saw this jennifer... i will get to it at some point... LOL!