Saturday, December 29, 2007

My first post!

Well ,I have entered into the blogging world. I said that I would never do this, but I wanted a place where I can share my scrapbooking and photography with freinds and family. I don't plan to share my daily life, but maybe once and a while I will throw something into the mix. Feel free to comment on my blog at anytime. As I figure out how this "blogging" works you will see some changes around here. Right now things are not exactly the way I would like to see them. But I think I did a pretty good job on my own setting this up. So for now I will leave you will a LO I did the otherday.

This was a kit put together by a fabulous artist know as Gloria Froese or otherwise known as "g". I bought it to help me breakout of my box and do something free style and not to worry about if everything matches, is lined up I usually do. It is wobbley painted, glued, glittered, etc...not what I usually do but I love it....thanks "g" for the inspiration.

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